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Your intuition is one of your greatest gifts.

Our Services


Mentoring offers you a safe and supportive place to land where you can deepen your relationship with yourself, your intuition and your creativity. 

There are many different facets of intuition and/or creativity that you can focus on. Each one-on-one session is tailored to exactly where you are and what your interests are at this time in your journey.

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A reading provides a sacred space for you to receive guidance that can support you in all areas of your life.

Depending on the kind of guidance your soul is craving, you can choose the type of reading (or a combination) that your heart guides you to: 






Basking in community with other seekers is a wonderful way to receive teachings, connect with new ideas, explore ancient concepts and build community.

The focus in this method of sharing knowledge and wisdom is that you learn with the mind, body and spirit and the teaching is immediately integrated through the prism of your soul.

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Meet Victoria


Victoria Libertore is an intuitive reader, Reiki Master, astrologer, medium and teacher who has been practicing professionally for 19 years. She has been giving intuitive readings to people throughout the U.S. and around the world. In addition to her one-on-one work, she is a passionate teacher with the intention of empowering others. She has taught workshops and led ceremonies at venues such as The Alchemist's Kitchen, The Assemblage, Bust Craftacular, Crash Acting, House of Intuition, Hastings College, Illuminated Herbalism Summit, Otterbein University & Shift Network. Victoria has been practicing Reiki since 2010 and became a Reiki Master in 2017. Victoria also mentors people to help them connect more deeply with their intuition and creativity. She lives in California with her wife. Her other passions include performance, writing, travel, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC equality. Contact her to set up an intuitive reading, mentoring session, intuitive astrology session, creative coaching, Reiki session or to ask a question or to just say hello. 

“Victoria is an incredibly special intuitive guide. Her ability to hold space is both grounding and nonjudgmental creating this beautiful container of safety."

Kayla C., Miami, FL



My mission as an intuitive, healer, artist and human is to empower. 

Living an intuitive life is both magical and practical. This path of being awake for your life and in touch with your intuition supports you in being authentic, grounded, hopeful, inspired and creative.

Life is glorious, ugly at times, heartbreaking, humbling and damn exciting if we give ourselves permission to follow our hearts.

Being in touch with your intuition is no longer reserved for a special few.  We can now all access our intuition.

The focus in our work together is: 

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Flowing with Intuition

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Being Fully Embodied

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Holding Loving Boundaries 

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Living a

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Blue Skies

Having a
Clear Mind

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Cultivating Joy

Connected to Source


If you found your way here, you are in a special tribe of lightworkers, artists, rebels, healers, shadow-walkers, innovators, non-conformers on this planet -  I thank you for all that you are doing in big and small ways. 

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