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Creative Coaching

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Photo by Sherley Camille Olopherne

Are you ready to . . . 

Breakthrough procrastination?

Develop a practice that is right for you?

Honor your creativity?

Feel excited about your project(s)?

Discover what archetypes can help you? 

Open energetically to source and inspiration?

Release doubts?


When we work together one-on-one, we look at your creative project from all angles: 

*the logistical (time & space)

*the inspired (connecting to Source)

*the energetic (your chakras and auras)

*the archetypal (what part of you wants to move forward? and what part of you might be putting on the brakes?)

*spiritual (rituals to support you in the act of creating)

If you do not know what you want to do, but just know that you want to connect with your creativity, that is a great starting point.


Or perhaps you have a project that you've been going back and forth with for years and need a hand to find a new path with it? This is another wonderful starting point.


Or you have the first inkling of an idea and want a safe space to cradle this seedling and see what develops. Another wonderful starting point for creative coaching!


We all have moments in our creative work when we need some support and an outside eye. We can take a large view of your overall relationship with creativity and we can also dive in to the details of what you may be working on or thinking about working on. All genres of writing and performance are welcome.

I have been writing and creating performance work since 1997. I have a lot of experience with being in the creative flow of work and also avoiding the work! I am passionate about supporting you with your creativity. Please reach out to me to set up a one-on-one to help you move some energy and feel excited about your creative practice. 


More info about my creative history here:


"Thanks to Victoria’s mentorship I now approach my creative practice with the care and joy it deserves! Victoria is a generous teacher and mentor, who supports creative and spiritual growth in a way that is individual, empathetic and empowering. She also has a great sense of humor — the importance of which cannot be underestimated! I love working with Victoria!" 

Bridget M., Melbourne, Australia 
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