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"Working with Victoria has been nothing but a blessing. She is kind and understanding and allows a space in which you can be yourself. Working with her has allowed my gifts to grow and become more centered in who I am. I would recommend her to anybody who is interested in an intuitive reading and wants to learn more about understanding your gits and how to make it work for you." - Jenny H.

"I look forward to my readings with Victoria. I always leave feeling exceptionally connected to my guides and reaffirmed in my purpose. Victoria is extremely talented and sensitive in honing in on guidance my spirits want to communicate for me. Victoria's messages through my guides give me direction, confidence and focus. The benefits are long term and fruitful - incredible change happens after my sessions with Victoria."

- Vivian I.

"Victoria is a great teacher and her intuitive readings are full of insight. She is super receptive and works with energy in many different ways to find what resonates with you personally. Her workshops are fun and cover more subjects in depth. Plus she has some awesome masks." - AM

"After attending Vic's workshop series and countless one-on-one sessions, I have learned to be more connected with my guides, with spirit and my own intuition. Our work together has been deep and impactful and has lead me down unexpected and joyful paths. Her guidance and mentorship has meant so much over the past eight years." AS

"Mentoring work with Victoria has absolutely changed my life.  It has given me the tools to be not only more in touch with, but more in concert with my intuitive power. She knows exactly where to take each session and I feel my abilities not just expanding but strengthening.  It has been such a joy to work with her. It such a blessing to have found her and her work." - Alex P.

"Victoria Libertore is a thoughtful and effective healer with an accessible interpretation of otherworldly insights. I have had sessions with Vic for about six years. The energy work in these sessions have had sincere lasting effects and I am so thankful for the many card readings, guide communications, crystal work, and all around encouragement Vic has shared with me through her intuitive readings. Vic has helped me through the mourning process of friends and family and has also helped me stay on track with my own self care and personal goals." - KH

"I found myself in an altered state afterward our session together — a whole other space without words. I felt free and happy, as if a weight had been lifted. I think that was from the clearings you did. Last night I woke up and immediately thought of the guides. I’ve never worked with guides before, but I asked them to let me know what was in the bedroom that needed to go. And the instant I asked it came to me! Something I would never have thought of and that was out of visible sight. So, I have much to work with and found our time together one that is definitely moving me forward — and in a joyous way. Thank you for all the work you’ve done to become the healer you are." - MB

"I have had three intuitive readings with Victoria, and each has been life-changing. I mean that in the practical sense: each session with her brought about insights that have shaped my life in incredible and transformative ways. Victoria has a unique ability to tap into the great spiritual energy of the universe and communicate with your spirit guides to relay messages back to you that work for your highest good. She is an intuitive, generous, and compassionate teacher and healer, and I always enjoy working with her." - Kelly K.

"Victoria is a gifted healer, teacher, and spiritual communicator. Her sessions stay with you, gently guiding you on your path toward transformation of the spirit and empowerment in your daily life. In Victoria, I have found a most trusted spiritual ally."

 - LF


"I remember clearly my first reading with Victoria in August of 2010. One of the messages she relayed to me from my spirit guides was of great change and transformation. I thought I knew what that meant because I was just about to move to a new apartment. I also received a clearing of blockages around romantic love and finding partnership, which had always been difficult for me. Within a month of that reading I ended up moving across the country, and in the next few years experienced the most radical life changes I could imagine. During this time I fell in love with and married my life partner, experienced the death of my mother, and had a baby. I now realize how powerful that reading with Victoria was. She not only helped me to open my heart to love, she helped connect me with my spirit guides which gave me strength and guidance during this time of major life transformation. I have continued to benefit from readings with Victoria and have recommended her to many friends. Every single person I know who has had a reading with her comes away feeling inspired, connected to their own truth, creativity and spirituality, and ready to live their best life. I am so grateful for Victoria and the powerful work that she does." - MDB

"Working with Vic has been one of the most empowering and spiritual experiences I can recall in my life. At a time when I was deeply in need of some kind of guidance, she was there to help me meet and explore many of my archetypes through both playful and pensive meditation and intuitive work. It was then that I realized what I'd been craving was a connection to my spiritual self, which I couldn't have found without Vic. After completing a workshop with her wherein I felt more connected to my higher self than ever before, I moved on to work with her one-on-one, hoping to further develop my connection with my intuition. I believe this work was crucial to the development of who I have eventually become as a woman, as an artist, as a healer and community participant. Through out sessions, my relationship with my body and ultimately the physical world changed, and it has helped me find a way to be more present and joyful. I am grateful for all of the time she has spent holding space for me and helping me to connect with my ancestors, my guides, my faeries, my inner healer and ultimately Myself. I love how much she brought laughter and lightness into our work, and I believe that her connection to spirit helps many people that are looking for a gentle and positive way to connect to a world beyond the physical." - LP

"I’m a playwright and approached Victoria when I was feeling stuck creatively, as well as emotionally and spiritually (they are all connected really!). One-on-one creative mentoring sessions with Victoria have helped guide me towards a healthier approach to my creative practice (and life in general). I’m learning to love what was once exhausting and overwhelming. Thanks to Victoria’s mentorship I now approach my creative practice with the care and joy it deserves!  Victoria’s approach to writing intuitively by working with archetypes, guides and my higher-self has been liberating and transformative. Victoria is a generous teacher and mentor, who supports creative and spiritual growth in a way that is individual, empathetic and empowering. She also has a great sense of humour — the importance of which cannot be underestimated! I love working with Victoria!" Bridget M.

"Victoria is an incredibly special intuitive guide. Her ability to hold space is both grounding and nonjudgmental creating this beautiful container of safety. What I love about Victoria’s approach and what I find unique to her, is her ability to guide her clients into personal empowerment rather than reliance on her work. Instead of predicting or projecting, she so generously invites her clients inward to discover the spirit within. I have been working with Victoria for nearly 5 years. When she first arrived in my life I struggled with debilitating self doubt. Through the course of our work together over the years and my personal implementation of the practices, I have developed a stronger sense of self trust and a deeper understanding of my own intuition. Her guidance and the guidance of my own guides has lovingly and gently helped me discover confidence in my path. Most recently I participated in the group mentorship program where we collectively learned practices and rituals to deepen our relationship to our own guidance system. Victoria offers such practical tools that can be used in every day life! It was great to not only deepen my learning, but connect with other likeminded people in the spiritual community! Victoria is understanding, multifaceted, and arrives to each and every session with the upmost loving and compassionate energy. I am grateful to call Victoria a lifelong mentor, inspiration, and friend. What a gift!  I highly recommend working with Victoria if you are ready to step into your power and deeply trust the path you’re on is unfolding in perfect timing." Kayla C.

"Group mentoring with Victoria was an undeniably transformative experience. Due to Victoria's guidance, I now have a much deeper understanding of my energy system, as well as how I can better support my energy as I continue my Earth journey. Because of this mentorship, I feel much more connected with myself, my truth, and my heart, and I feel as though I am able to trust my intuition with greater ease than ever before. Working in a group setting was really wonderful because we learned from each other's discoveries, and found community in both shared growth and struggles. Victoria is a master practitioner and I would trust her with my life. I recommend both group mentoring and Victoria, without reservation, to anyone who wishes to further align with themselves and their dreams. It is an honor to be taught and guided by such a profound and compassionate artist and human being." SH

Testomonials from Reiki Workshop Participants:

“Vic’s work opens up pathways that you aren’t aware you need or are asking for I have had the honor and delight of working with Vic for over 10 years. She was my first spiritual mentor and her teachings remain a constant opening force in my life. I had been receiving messages for years to get my Reiki certification and when Vic said she was going to offer it, I knew it was my time. It was soooo good! She taught the history and teachings in a clear way, shared her personal experiences with Reiki and mostly importantly created a safe container for us to be open as we learned and felt this new energy flowing through us. I have been using Reiki daily ever since and have seen shifts in my life that I know wouldn’t have happened with this much ease and grace without it. I highly recommended everything Vic offers! I trust her and the guidance that flows through her implicitly!” - Selima Harleston Lust

“Victoria’s Reiki workshops landed in my life when I was dealing with lots of grief and general life chaos. From the moment the Reiki workshop began, Victoria masterfully created a fertile space to learn and work. The outside world melted away, I started to feel myself ease into the material and time both stood still and flew by over the course of the weekend. Now, months later I continue to feel the effects of the Reiki attunement in my life at large.” -IR 

“It is such a blessing to learn from Victoria. She creates a respectful, engaging space for learning, bringing so much warmth, humor, compassion, wisdom, and connectedness to her teaching. I am so grateful for the work I am doing with Victoria in one-on-one mentoring sessions and in a Reiki level I and II intensive and attunement I recently completed with her. Victoria is helping me integrate disparate parts of myself, find greater joy and freedom, and deepen my professional caregiving work.” – JH

"Victoria has been working with me for many years, and I saw the opportunity to enhance my Acupuncture practice and health by training in Reiki 1&2. After signing up, I immediately felt that Reiki energy was everywhere, signs that the class and teachings to come were aligned with myself and the others joining me. Learning virtually was intimate and comfortable, allowing for the information to come through via images, text reading and valuable perspective from Victoria's own Reiki Master journey as if we were all together in the same space. The transmission of Reiki energy and symbol training was incredible, and reverberated in my home, garden and animals for weeks. I recommend this class and training for anyone who has felt called to learn and offer healing to others and self, develop new pathways of energy and connection to deeper truths and the planet, and to feel the strength of the Universe in all its wonder and wisdom." - BK

"When I learned Victoria was offering a Reiki workshop, I jumped on it. I had such powerful and profound one-on-one healing work from Victoria in the past, and her Reiki workshop lived up to my expectations. I walked away with an education and a deep appreciation for the history and the art of Reiki. I feel confident in practicing Reiki on myself and others and using it in my day-to-day life in creative and unexpected ways. It was a virtual training, and Victoria was great about making it feel intimate and interactive. It was a transformative weekend, and Reiki has already changed my life.” - Kristin

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