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Photo by Sid Suratia

Astrology has become a sacred path that I commune with daily. Having an understanding of my own natal chart has brought great comfort, insight and clarity in my life. I have learned how to better care for myself, and honor my various (and sometimes opposing) archetypal needs as they beam through my natal astrological chart.


You can look at your natal astrological chart as insight to your inner psychology, as a map of your life and the fate & karma at play, as the setting and plot for your life, as a forecast of potential events and people in your life. You can also come to your natal chart with a question and see what guidance comes through. Different areas of our charts can light up at different times in our lives. They can be used as oracles in and of themselves.

As with all forms of divination, it is important to not give your power away. You have free will and also your internal compass. Just like spiritual guides are not there to tell us what to do, but to support us in our heart journeys, your natal chart is not there to dictate how things play out in a paint-by-number fashion. Life is much more interesting than that. 


That being said, life on life terms is real and having an understanding of all the nooks and crannies of our chart as well as the current transits can help us have greater resilience, patience and hope. (Thank goodness I knew what was happing during my first Saturn returns and this recent nodal opposition). 

For many years, my study of astrology was self-study through books, podcasts and one-off workshops. The first astrology teacher to influence me deeply was Lisa Karmen, of Astrological Orienteering, when we co-taught an astrology and intuition workshop. She is an incredible astrologer and introduced me to connecting to the planets directly as guides. Then I did one-on-one mentoring with Jenny Yates who is an amazing modern astrologer, and guided me to understand the archetypal energies of the planets.


I am currently studying Hellenistic ancient astrology in a group setting with Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology in both year one and year two. I agree with Adam's view that the planets are not 'making things happen' in our lives. As he says, a tarot card does not make things happen. It is a symbol revealing what is happening or the possible energy for something to happen. Astrology speaks to us in symbols and is a form of divination that we can work with to have a deeper understanding of our lives. 

I view astrology as more than a one-dimensional chart on a piece of paper. There is also a spiritual component if you are open to it. One view is that each house in the chart is a sacred temple governed by a planet, and the planets connect us to the Divine. It is an ancient practice and goes back thousands of years. I am humbled to be a part of this lineage.


Many years ago, I started to weave bits of astrology into intuitive readings, sharing what I was guided to share. As my knowledge has grown of astrology, my mind has been blown at how accurately a natal chart can reveal the understanding that we seek, and I take great, great pleasure in sharing astrology insights and the spiritual components in both intuitive readings, mentoring and astrology sessions. 

I currently offer 75-minute astrology readings looking at your natal chart and current transits. 

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