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February 24th & 25th

Sat & Sun

10am - 3pm PST | 1pm - 6pm EST

Fee: $397 

Early Bird (through Feb 9th): $327

Want to know more?

Contact Victoria with any questions and/or to sign up.

This is a virtual workshop.

In order to attend, you must be available 

both days for the full times of the workshop.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation.

Rei means universal and Ki means life energy.

Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy.

From the Reiki Master Manual:

"Over time, you will learn from experience that the guidance of Reiki is worthy of your trust. Once you have surrendered completely, you will have entered the The Way of Reiki. When you do this, you will be at peace with the past, have complete faith in the future and know that there never was anything to worry about. Your life will work with ever-greater harmony, and you will feel that you have reached your goal of wholeness even as you continue to move toward it!"

Benefits of Reiki: 

- relaxation technique

- heart opening

- connects you with your inner teacher

- heightens your intuitive receptivity

- opens up new paths & possibilities 

- releases energetic hindrances

- capacity to heal lineage and the past

- increases compassion for self and others

- deepens affinity with to natural world

- raises your energetic vibration

- guides you in life decisions

- improves overall wellness 

- ushers in healing in all areas of life

In this virtual workshop, you will learn:

- the foundations of Reiki I & II

 - the principles & pillars of Reiki

- about Reiki's history and founders

- the Vedic model of the energy system

- how to deepen your connection ot your intuition in conjunction with Reiki

- how to connect with Reiki as a guide

 - the various ways that Reiki can enhance your life

- how to send Reiki forward and backward through time 

- the process of giving Reiki to yourself and others

- Reiki and boundaries

- Reiki II symbols

You will receive your Reiki I & II attunement and can start practicing Reiki immediately.

​In order to attend, you must be available for the full sessions on both days. This workshop is in real time. 

Please keep Saturday night open so that you can

practice the Reiki symbols before Sunday.

These teachings are taught in accordance with The International Center for Reiki Training in the Usui Reiki Master Lineage. 


Questions about Reiki? Ready to sign up?

Contact Victoria with any questions

and to see if this workshop is a good match for you.

Should I Fire My Agent Or Am I Just Hungry?

An intuition workshop to help you get a grip...


Saturday, April 13th


Crash Acting

1924 Raymond Ave. 

Los Angeles

Fee: $150

Discount for Crash students on Mighty Networks

Sign up at Crash Acting

Actors have SO many decisions to make.


We've chosen the one career where there is absolutely no roadmap. 

Without a clear path, it's all up to you to navigate your career, deepen your artistry, invest in your personal life, take care of your mind, body, spirit AND also pay the bills....


So what are we supposed to do with that?


The answer? Get in touch with your INTUITION.


The good news is, you don't need to be taught intuition. It's an inherent gift you already have! You just need to be reminded/shown ways to deepen your connection to your intuition and learn how to really trust it. 


This is what we’ll spend the day doing in this workshop. You will be given exercises and tools that you can use on your own:


*to connect with your intuition and receive very specific guidance

*to release stress, be grounded and have JOY

*to hold energetic boundaries so other people and situations do not overwhelm you 

*to take care of your mind, body and spirit through meditative practices

*to merge with character through your energy system and then to separate out from character


Being connected with and consistently trusting your intuition helps you with ALL parts of your life.

If I already have Intuition, then why do I need this workshop?

Everyone is intuitive. Most of us do not learn how to trust our intuition. We often learn the opposite, actually – to doubt ourselves. It is beneficial for everyone to understand their natural pathway of intuition because, frankly, life has greater ease and deeper meaning when we have an intuitive practice. It is especially beneficial for the actor whose constantly faced with comparison to other actors, making it difficult to know if they are copying others or forging their unique path. 

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