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Full Moon in Scorpio Gathering

Sunday, May 15th

4pm - 6:00pm PST | 7pm - 9:00pm EST

Fee: $25 - $35 sliding scale 

(pay what you choose)

Scorpio invites us to honor our intensity, our desire to merge energies, our willingness to dive deep down into the important and most intimate aspects of life. 

We all have all of the Zodiac signs in our natal chart. You can connect with this archetypal energy for empowerment, crystal-clear perception, passion, dropping all that is stagnant and saying no to BS. 


We will connect with the full moon during this eclipse season along with Scorpio energies through intuitive exercises, chakra meditations and and accessing fierce and intense (Scorpio) archetypal energies.

This workshop is for you If you craving to make space for: 

Honoring your passions & intensity

Acknowledging your secret desires

Being in your power 

Seeking esoteric connections

Conversing with your inner witch

If you sign up by Saturday, May 14th, you will be given some personal insight on Scorpio & Pluto in your natal chart.


This is a virtual workshop. Please contact me to sign up.


Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th, 2022

Sat: 10am - 3pm PST |1pm - 6pm EST

Sun: 10am - 3pm PST |1pm - 6pm EST

Fee: $397


Reiki is a guide, a path, a doorway, a healing modality

and relaxation technique.

Reiki creates openings in our energy system and releases vibrations that are no longer in alignment

with our soul's journey at this moment in space and time.

Reiki will surprise you and empower you.



​In this virtual workshop, you will be taught the principles, pillars,

history and foundations of Reiki I & II. We will discuss all the ways that

Reiki can be used, the energy system and ways to work with

Reiki on yourself, friends, family, places, events, objects and on clients if you choose.​You will be taught the Reiki II symbols and you will receive your Reiki I & II attunement.

​In order to attend, you must be available for the full sessions on both days. This workshop will not be recorded. Please keep Saturday night open so that you can practice the Reiki symbols before Sunday.


These teachings are taught in accordance with The International Center for Reiki Training in the Usui Reiki Master Lineage.

For more about Victoria's experience with Reiki, please go here.

To inquire about signing up, please contact me.

The cost of the Reiki manual and postage is included in the fee.

This is a virtual workshop only.

Quotes from past participants:

"When I learned Victoria was offering a Reiki workshop, I jumped on it. I had such powerful and profound one-on-one healing work from Victoria in the past, and her Reiki workshop lived up to my expectations. I walked away with an education and a deep appreciation for the history and the art of Reiki. I feel confident in practicing Reiki on myself and others and using it in my day-to-day life in creative and unexpected ways. It was a virtual training, and Victoria was great about making it feel intimate and interactive. It was a transformative weekend, and Reiki has already changed my life.” - Kristin

“Vic’s work opens up pathways that you aren’t aware you need or are asking for I have had the honor and delight of working with Vic for over 10 years. She was my first spiritual mentor and her teachings remain a constant opening force in my life. I had been receiving messages for years to get my Reiki certification and when Vic said she was going to offer it, I knew it was my time. It was soooo good! She taught the history and teachings in a clear way, shared her personal experiences with Reiki and mostly importantly created a safe container for us to be open as we learned and felt this new energy flowing through us. I have been using Reiki daily ever since and have seen shifts in my life that I know wouldn’t have happened with this much ease and grace without it. I highly recommended everything Vic offers! I trust her and the guidance that flows through her implicitly!” - Selima Harleston Lust

“It is such a blessing to learn from Victoria. She creates a respectful, engaging space for learning, bringing so much warmth, humor, compassion, wisdom, and connectedness to her teaching. I am so grateful for the work I am doing with Victoria in one-on-one mentoring sessions and in a Reiki level I and II intensive and attunement I recently completed with her. Victoria is helping me integrate disparate parts of myself, find greater joy and freedom, and deepen my professional caregiving work.” – JH

“Victoria’s Reiki workshops landed in my life when I was dealing with lots of grief and general life chaos. From the moment the Reiki workshop began, Victoria masterfully created a fertile space to learn and work. The outside world melted away, I started to feel myself ease into the material and time both stood still and flew by over the course of the weekend. Now, months later I continue to feel the effects of the Reiki attunement in my life at large.” -IR