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Friday, May 22nd

Recollecting the Pieces of Ourselves

New Moon in Gemini

7:15 - 8:45 PM EST | 4:15 - 5:45 PM PST

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With the sun, moon and Venus in Gemini we will use this ceremony to explore the different aspects of ourselves. Gemini is a fun-loving, air sign associated with wit, impulsivity and intelligence. There is a depth there as well that can be overlooked if you pass by Gemini too quickly. Gemini can swiftly perceive multiple understandings of one situation. The twins remind us of all the aspects of ourselves at work both above and below the surface.


We all have many facets and a deeper dive into different pieces of ourselves can help us understand which aspect of ourselves is making decisions for our lives. Perhaps it is a part of ourselves we want to be out front such as an artist or inner teacher or perhaps it is a piece of us such as the inner saboteur that might be in the way of us living out our dreams. Consciously knowing and thus deciding who is in charge leads to great healing and transformation.


During this time Venus is retrograde, on her Underworld journey to visit the depths of her most bare, vulnerable and therefore powerful self. Venus rules love, beauty, an aspect of resources and what our priorities are. Retrograde invites us to revisit our stories about ourselves and love, our early experiences, inherited belief systems. What no longer serves us? How is our relationship to pleasure ready to be renewed? What passions are ready to resurface to be lived? How can you reclaim yourself and welcome your r/evolution?


The date of the ceremony is 5-22-2020 which equals 13 and 1 + 3 = 4 and the fourth chakra is the heart chakra, which we will connect with through the help of Goddess Akhilandeshwari and Goddess Gyhldeptis. They meet us at the crossroads of heartache and overwhelm which has been one piece of the global experience during this pandemic. Goddess Akhilandeshwari reminds us that we are never broken because we are always broken open and reemerging from old selves. Goddess Gyhldeptis invites us to stay calm when the current is strong and use the resources around us to find our wholeness.


Through guided meditation, channeled messages, writing prompts, heart chakra exploration, archetypal knowledge and with Reiki supporting us, we will journey together as the new moon expands in Gemini to release outmoded thinking, revisit what we are passionate about recollect ourselves. Bring a pen, journal, sense of humor, crystal friends (if you have them) and your full presence.

We have reserved tickets for people with limited means.  Email us at herbalist@thealchemistskitchen.com to redeem.  Please note, tickets are limited and are first come first serve.  



Presented by The Alchemist's Kitchen

Connecting with Your Intuition & Guides

Friday, May 29th  |  12:00PM - 1:30PM EST | 9:00AM - 10:30AM PST

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Your gut feels what is right and true. Your inner voice hears. Your second sight sees. A part of you just knows.


Everyone is intuitive! It is our sixth sense. You have your own inherent pathway of intuition. Recognizing this pathway and understanding how it works helps it to grow. Deepening your connection to your intuition helps it to expand and allows you to consistently trust it. Intuition can guide you in your everyday life for both the small and big decisions. The Universe is calling upon all of us to be in touch with our own intuition so that we may receive guidance for our highest good and the greater good of the planet.


In addition to using intuition as an inner guide, we can choose to use it to connect with energies outside of ourselves for guidance and understanding. While it's wonderful to get an intuitive reading from someone else a few times a year, what about all those other days? Guides are just there waiting to connect with you. Having boundaries and certain spiritual knowledge can make for effortless communication. We will spend some together connecting with your guides and benevolent, spiritual beings.


You will be introduced to (or some that you may already be familiar with) over a dozen tools for strengthening your intuition. We will work and play together doing exercises for connecting more deeply and consistently to your intuition. I will share first-hand experience from 15 years of giving intuitive readings and mentoring people of how I've learned to trust my intuition and witnessed others do so as well as how to hold boundaries and guide your intuition. Like any relationship, intuition blossoms when we give it our full attention, respect and recognize the gifts that it offers. Have a pen, paper, crystal friends and do a little mindful meditation before if possible. Reiki included.


We have reserved tickets for people with limited means.  Email us at herbalist@thealchemistskitchen.com to redeem.  Please note, tickets are limited and are first come first serve.  


Intuitive Mentoring and/or Readings are available


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