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This guided meditation is to help you to connect with the untamed, wild aspect of yourself and ground into what you are aiming towards in your life.

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Please do not take this guided journey while driving or operating machinery! That would not be safe.

​Nurturing the Divine Feminine Within


Saturday, May 22nd |10:00 - 11:30 AM PDT | 1:00 - 2:30 PM EDT


$15.00 Exchange | TIX HERE

Presented by The Alchemist's Kitchen

As a culture, we often hold imagery of the archetypal mother in a position of being on a pedestal; forever loving and exuding a saintly aura. There are also the shadow attributes displayed in film, television, books and, unfortunately, real life of the mother as cruel, neglectful, narcissistic. Like all aspects of self, this archetypal energy is often more complex than good/bad. Together, we’ll look at all the ways there are to embody the nurturing, loving, powerful energy of mother (with and without human children) and simultaneously be open to receive mothering in our lives (regardless of our age).

What is your relationship to your mother? Did someone else other than your biological mother give you mothering? Did you grow up with a sick mother? A fierce mom? A loving, mama bear? Have you investigated the energy that you carry from your mother? Your mother’s belief systems in your energy system? Is there healing needed here? Empowerment? Forgiveness? Better boundaries? What has been your path of mothering others? Do you mother children, animals, creative projects, friends, movements, spaces, yourself?

Together in this workshop, we will explore all the aspects of the archetype of the mother within and without. We will connect with various aspects of the Great Mother, including Gaia, Mother Nature, Kali Ma and Primordial Feminine. You will be taken on guided meditations, given writing prompts exploring these themes, Reiki, connect with the Universal Feminine, work with your energy system and what you may be carrying in relation to your maternal lineage.

Please have pen/paper. If possible, please have your camera on for the workshop. Additionally, please note that ALL genders are welcome to attend this workshop.


Additional Information

  • We have reserved tickets for people with limited means. Email us at: Learn@thealchemistskitchen.com to redeem.  Please note, tickets are limited and are first come first serve.

  • After you complete your payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom Login Information

  • Can’t attend in real time? No problem! A recording will be sent to you after the class.

  • Registration closes thirty minutes before the start of the event.

  • Tickets are non-refundable



Intuitive Writing Workshop

Mondays in June: 7, 14, 21, 28

4pm - 6pm PDT | 7pm - 9pm EDT

Four virtual sessions


Fee for workshop: $150

Fee if you would also like a one-on-one session

with Victoria around writing, creativity and spirituality: $250

Intuition and creativity go hand-in-hand. They both require centering, grounding and opening for insights, concepts and higher understanding to channel through us. In this workshop we will dive into meditations, energy work, journal prompts and connecting to intuition to WRITE.

Week One: Artifacts & Architecture - our environments and our belongings have their own histories, stories and energy. Through connecting with them, we can discover worlds that desire to be known.

Week Two: Ancestors, Guides, Loved ones on Spirit Side - they are there. We just need to listen. For some of us this feels like imagination and for some of us it's a deep connection. Either way, it's a powerful and inspirational source for our writing.

Week Three: The Unseen Realms - Using our power of perception, we will connect to other realms such as faerie and characters of the folklore of our lineages and allow them to write themselves down.

Week Four:  Inner Terrain - We will finish this workshop exploring what we know best and maybe least - our inner lives, our life stories and the journey of our soul.

What do we discover about ourselves through writing?

All genres of writing are welcome. There will be opportunities to share material for each participant. This is not a requirement. Optional assignments will be given week to week if you need support with direction as far as what you're writing. Or you are welcome to write whatever calls to you.


It is best if you can attend all four sessions, especially to build rapport with your fellow writers in the workshop and create a sacred space for sharing material. You must be able to attend the first session. If you do need to miss a session, you are still welcome to join.

The fee remains the same.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold your spot. If you end up not being able to take the workshop, this $$ can go towards another workshop or session.

Please contact Victoria to sign up or with any questions about the workshop.

If $$ is a challenge for you at this time, do not hesitate to inquire about the rate.






Intuitive Mentoring and/or Readings are available


Interview with The Alchemist's Kitchen HERE.


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