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Ceremony invites ritual, the sacred and an opportunity to come back to your authentic self and discover truly how you are right now, what you may need and how you can be of greatest service in the world.


I am available to help you craft ceremonies - often in connection with the cycles of the moon. I also lead guided meditations incorporating energy work and am available to teach workshops which incorporate ceremony and delve into journey work to other realms.

I have found great joy in officiating weddings. I meet with you and yours three times leading up to day of the wedding, helping you to craft the layout of the day, finding out what is important to you and making space to call in your team of guides for assistance. On the day of your ceremony, I am available to help you hold space, give you room for your own space and, of course, lead the ceremony and pronounce you married! My style as an officiant is warm, open and I also allow room for humor. Please connect with me if you would like more info.

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