Intuitive, Spiritual & Energetic Readings

Intuitive, Spiritual & Energetic Readings are done for your highest good with messages coming from your spiritual guides, your energy system, different aspects of yourself (inner child, Higher Self, Shadow Self). All areas of your life and past lives may be brought up in the session. Messages may vary from the very esoteric to the very practical, always leaving room for our human concerns of finance and romance! There is also time to address specific questions that you may have. The ultimate focus is to bring loving and healing energy to you! Intuitive astrology is included.

The readings are also spiritual in nature in that we may be called to do some guided meditation, to introduce you to methods to connect directly to your guides, suggestions to bring more ritual into your life. Reiki will also be given to you along with energy work which connects into your seven main chakras to balance them as well as your aura. Other possible topics that may come up are , messages from your animals, guidance from relatives on Spirit Side and we leave room for any questions and parts of your life that you would like to focus on.

Please see the testimonials for first-hand insight from clients on readings.

Sessions are done in person at my home in Los Angeles or by phone or video.  To choose a length of reading and what you would like to pay, please go here.