Teaching spiritual subjects and making them accessible, clear and fun is one of my favorite things! Possibly my very favorite (along with a delicious, almond milk latte)! See Upcoming for the next workshop!

Workshop Topics:


Deepening Your Intuition

Connecting with Guides

Unlocking the Chakras

Reincarnation - Accessing Past Lives

Reiki I & II Attunement

Meditation and Prayer


The Money Workshop: The Exchanging of Energy

Removing Energetic & Spiritual Blocks

Channeling the Triple Goddess: Matriarch, Mother, Maiden

Connecting with Crone Magic

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Workshop Example:

Deepening Your Intuition

with Victoria Libertore

Your gut feels what is right and true. Your inner voice hears. Your second sight sees. A part of you just knows.


Everyone is intuitive! It is our sixth sense. You have your own inherent pathway of intuition. Recognizing this pathway and understanding how it works helps it to grow. Deepening your connection to your intuition helps it to expand and allows you to consistently trust it. Intuition can guide you in your everyday life for both the small and big decisions. The Universe is calling upon all of us to be in touch with our own intuition so that we may receive guidance for our highest good and the greater good of the planet.


In addition to using intuition as an inner guide, we can choose to use it to connect with energies outside of ourselves for guidance and understanding. While it's wonderful to get an intuitive reading from someone else a few times a year, what about all those other days? Guides are just there waiting to connect with you. Having boundaries and certain spiritual knowledge can make for effortless communication. We will spend some together connecting with your guides and benevolent, spiritual beings.


You will be introduced to (or some that you may already be familiar with) over a dozen tools for strengthening your intuition. We will work and play together doing exercises for connecting more deeply and consistently to your intuition. I will share first-hand experience from 15 years of giving intuitive readings and mentoring people of how I've learned to trust my intuition and witnessed others do so as well as how to hold boundaries and guide your intuition. Like any relationship, intuition blossoms when we give it our full attention, respect and recognize the gifts that it offers. Have a pen, paper, crystal friends and do a little mindful meditation before if possible. Reiki included.


In this workshop, you will:


- Discuss the different types of intuition

- Learn your most natural pathway for receiving intuitive information

- Be guided in a third eye meditation to further open your intuition

- Merge with your Higher Self and connect to your Shadow Self for insights

- Learn spiritual boundaries to ensure you are getting information for your highest good

- Be introduced to over a dozen techniques for receiving intuitive guidance