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Image by George Pagan III


Through my teachings, I invite you to engage your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Learning new information and connecting more deeply with topics of interest is empowering and expansive. I look at all my workshops as thresholds for you to walk through. Beyond what you experience in the immediate moment, you will walk away with tools to support you in your continued evolution finding the balance between applying it to the pragmatic, everyday living parts of life and the big-picture, magical aspects of existence. 

Please see UPCOMING for workshops.

Examples of Workshop Topics:


Deepening Your Intuition

Connecting with Guides

Unlocking the Chakras

Creative Writing

Discovering Your Archetypes

Reincarnation - Accessing Past Lives

Reiki I & II Attunement

Connecting with Your Higher Self

Connecting with Crone Magic

Please connect with me if you have a group of friends or colleagues who would like to dive into these topics and learn more about what a workshop includes.


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