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Image by Radoslav Bali


Readings can be done in-person in LA, by phone or by video. Please also see Upcoming for classes and events and opportunities to sign up for mini intuitive readings.

For more detailed descriptions of sessions, please go here.

Intuitive Readings

​30-minute session


60-minute session


90-minute session

Couples Session 



Reiki & Energy Healing

60-minute session 


30-minute session 


​Cash, check, Venmo, PayPal & Zelle are accepted.  

I offer 20-minute mini sessions a few times a year. Please sign up in contacts so that you can be added to the list and stay updated.

To book a session and/or to learn about workshop and ceremony fees, please contact me directly.

Intuitive Mentoring Session

​75-minute session

$150 per session

Three-session package: $390 

Creative Coaching

75-minute session

$150 per session

Three-session package: $390

Astrology Reading

Natal astrology chart and/or current transits.

75-min session:


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