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Intuitive Mentoring 

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Intuitive Mentoring is an opportunity to: 

Connect more deeply with your intuition

Gain insight about your soul's journey

Understand your inherent pathway of intuition

Know what is your intuition and what is ego

Identify your guides & connect with ancestors 

Develop a spiritual practice

Learn rituals to connect with the sacredness of life

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary

Live as your highest self

Release old belief systems you've learned or inherited

Receive loving, clear guidance on all aspects of your life

Additionally, we may:

Dive into your natal astrological chart and current transits impacting you

Explore mediumship (specifically connecting to loved ones that have crossed over)

Practice animal communication

Create metaphysical, sacred spaces

Discuss meditation techniques

Connect with multidimensional deities, guides and realms

Access past lives

Talk about the logistics of reading for others

Marlo is the dog friend in this photo.

A mentor is a trusted counselor and guide. I approach mentoring with great respect and delight. Each session is tailored for your needs depending on where you are in the journey of intuition. My goals as a mentor are to offer insight, tools, exercises, knowledge, resources, humor, honesty and feedback as well as share in my personal experience of developing my intuition and reading for others. 

Many of my clients approach mentoring as a spiritual coaching for their own lives. They bring into the session what the current themes, pain points, hopes are for their lives and together we use intuition and spirituality as well as connecting with the energy system to support them in gaining insight, messages, support and, if appropriate, direction for the many facets of their lives. 

Other clients approach mentoring to support them in having their own intuitive and spiritual practice for themselves. We go into the details of how to work with others as an intuitive reader, energy worker, etc. Some people already have a business and want to a mentor to check in with while others are just starting out and want support with the parameters of giving an intuitive reading. 

Some people schedule one session and run with what we discover in our time together. Others like to continue meeting every few weeks or once a month. If you choose to do mentorship on an ongoing basis, in addition to our one-on-one sessions, during our time working together I am available by phone or e-mail to offer support with any questions that come up related to your intuition, spirituality and energy. Ready to jump in or want to set up 15-minute exploratory call? Contact me HERE. Rates are HERE. Let's go!

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