It is a great honor to be able to offer one-on-one spiritual and intuitive mentoring. A mentor is a trusted counselor and guide. The intention of the sessions are to provide guidance in how you can expand, develop and go deeper in your intuitive and spiritual path. Each session is tailored for the individual's needs depending on where you are in the journey of intuition. My goal is to serve as a guide to you while helping you to deepen your own intuitive insight, connect to Spirit and strengthen your belief and trust in your own abilities. Mentoring sessions are for both people who are interested in learning more about their own intuition, spirituality and energy as well as those who want to or already read for others.

I offer two tracks for mentoring: a themed curriculum (see below for examples) and/or seeing what unfolds as we go, where your interests are. There is also the option of doing a combination of both of these tracks. Additionally some people like just one or two sessions to set them on their course.

Possible topics in sessions are further developing your intuition in your day-to-day life, connecting to your guides, accessing past lives, meditation, developing a spiritual practice, chakra and auric understanding, energy work, symbolic sight, animal communication and astrology. Sessions are also open for other related topics you bring up. Additionally you may choose to bring current events of your life into the session to ask your guides for spiritual knowledge and messages on how to best handle these experiences. My intention is to offer insight, tools, exercises, knowledge, resources, humor, honesty and feedback as well as share in my personal experience of developing my intuition and reading for others.

The length of the session is 75 minutes. Fee $130. Sessions are done out of my home in Los Angeles or can be done by phone/video. If you are ready to commit three or more sessions and are able to pay the full amount in advance, a discount is offered of $110 a session.

In addition to our one-on-one sessions, during our time working together I am available by phone or e-mail to offer support with any questions that come up related to your intuition, spirituality and energy. Contact me to find out more.

Frequency: The pace will be set to match your needs. I suggest we meet every two to three weeks initially and then once a month.




FIRST SESSION:  Beginnings/Communing with Ganesha/Root Chakra/Daily Spiritual Habits/Clairvoyance

SECOND SESSION:  Self-Love/Communing with Paravati/Sacral Chakra/Prayer/Clairsentience

THIRD SESSION:  Clearing Space/Communing with Lakshmi/Solar Plexus Chakra/Meditation/Claircognizance

FOURTH SESSION:  Trust/Communing with Vishnu/Heart Chakra/Acts of Gratitude & Manifesting/Clairaudience


FIFTH SESSION:  Compassion/Communing with Kuan Yin/Throat Chakra/Clear Speech/Higher Self Insights

SIXTH SESSION:  Prosperity Mentality/Communing with Nu Kua/Brow Chakra/Abundance at Home/Giving

SEVENTH SESSION:  Play/Communing with Fairies/Crown Chakra/Channeling/Being in the World as an Intuitive/Receiving Messages for Others

EIGHTH SESSION:  Harvest /Communing with Corn Women & Durga/Sacredness of Food//Working with the Moon/Aura Maintenance & Boundaries

NINTH SESSION:  Creativity/Time Management/Communing with Saraswati/Music/8th Chakra - Akashic Records - Place of Karma

TENTH SESSION:  Wisdom/Communing with Artemis/9th & 10th chakras/Visiting Past Lives/Honoring ALL connections in this life

ELEVENTH SESSION:  Community/Communing with Angels & Animals/Care of Physical Body and Radiant Body/Meditation - Staying Present

TWELFTH SESSION:  Ritual/Communing with Healers & Archetypes/Connecting into Physical Home & Space/Revisiting Giving and Receiving