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An introduction - Senang sekali!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Hello! As the moon is growing, I'm thinking about what I want to grow in my life. Reminding myself that life can continue to grow even in a pandemic. Craving to grow through connecting with others, community, creativity and helping others with their acts of creativity in the same way that I already do with intuition and spirituality. That is why I am taking a moment to introduce myself more personally through this blog. More to come as far as recommendations, resources, tidbits of guidance for you. For now, here is a little bit about me. I hope to get to know you better. Thanks for reading!

What I'm reading right now: "Astrology for the Soul" by Jan Spiller - incredible book about astrology, spirituality and north nodes = compass for living life - what we're cultivating and growing in this life - her insights are amazing!

What I'm listening to these days: Gamelan - music of Bali and neighboring islands - here is a curated playlist - some of it is light and some more intense like this video from one of our journeys to Bali: Bali Vibes on Spotify

What I'm working on letting go of: perfectionism i.e. sharing writing in process:

Full of Grace by Victoria Libertore

I am not supposed to be alive now.

It's just genetics. Nothing personal.

Grew up on the "wrong" side of the tracks.

People shooting each other and setting things on fire.

Pray to Vishnu.

Pray to Vishnu.

Pray to Vishnu.

This prompt in a dream before I knew who Vishnu was.

A route painted in red on a map from Ohio to NYC.

Willkommen from a friend, nicknamed Happy Pants, performing

in Cabaret on Broadway.

We shared noodles in Manhattan at a famous restaurant whose name I cannot

remember, and I thought, "I could live here. I belong here."

Finding a railroad apartment for me and my friend, nicknamed Duck, with a

slanting, kitchen floor in Astoria, Queens. Before it was hip.

$750/month in 1997. Last century. Before we could use the internet to find

homes. I was 21.

I met people who would change my life. Change me.

Got a hug from Amma.

Earned a special coin in my pocket.

Met the love of my life before I knew anything about love. She taught me.

Capricorn sun. Scorpio rising. Pisces Moon. That's her.

Made some shit. Some of it good. Some of it embarrassing.

Got over my fear of dogs. This feels important.

Spent 21 years in New York City. Wild, bumpy, heartbreaking,

heart-opening. "She" raised me (up).

Now at 44 in a bungalow in California with my wife (the Capricorn), dog and

two cats, settled, happy, even a white picket fence. Goddess has a sense of humor.

I can now see in my rearview mirror that my life is full of grace.

May yours be also.

What I'm embracing: being more comfortable sharing myself and teachings (especially on camera). This video will be 'out of date' as the event has passed, but it is my truth that I LOVE working with folks.

Where I can't wait to go when we can travel again: back to Bali - soul home

What I'm learning: Bahasa Indonesia - Senang sekali! (Nice to meet you).

What I am working on doing more of: activism!

Lastly, what I am doing to have peace in these uncertain times: reminding myself that life is always uncertain, we only ever really have the present. Also meditation (including walking), mantra, mudras, good food (a blessing and a privilege, I know), good reading, good friends, good, long walks and having gratitude for the big things (health) and the 'little' things like figs from neighbors, frangipani blooming in our yard, humming birds bounding by, play with my four-legged friends. Let me know what you're doing during this times to cope, thrive, learn, grow, rest!

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3 comentários

Just starting a blog and yours was highly recommended as a power of example.


Always an inspiration ! Looking forward to more .....


I always love reading your writing. So happy you are feeling called to share more of it!

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